The City of Pearland's Records on Animal Rights

Official Report: Pearland Euthanizes 653 Kittens/Cats & 260 Puppies/Dogs Per Year! Is there a Coverup? Emails Emerge!

Days after the City of Pearland made nationwide news for the city's controversial choice to advocate for citizens to kill Muscovy ducks, local watchdog group Pearland Leaks now releases the results of an information request showing that hundreds of cats and dogs are euthanized per year by the City of Pearland.  Pearland's devastating duck drama has been covered locally in a ubiquitous fashion; and it has been covered nationwide by news outlets in Tampa Bay, FL  New York, NY,  Yahoo! News, and Fox News.

Pearland Leaks Now Began this investigation with a March 28th, 2019 information the seemed to show the City of Pearland's euthanasia records to be:

2018: Cats 653 Dogs 260
2017: Cats 590 Dogs 215
2016: Cats 645 Dogs 268
2015: Cats 662 Dogs 332



Pearland Leaks found these numbers astounding and asked for clarification from the city the Assistant Cheif of Police of the Pearland Police Department wrote back restating the numbers officially from PPD as 2,550 of 3,428 cats, 1,100 of 4,413 dogs, and 1 of 28 horse see his email below






You can read PPD's email on this subject to Pearland Leaks and also download PPD's official Kill Records here:

With these kinds of disturbing figures, one would ask why Pearland isn't moving towards a no-kill configuration for their animal services? In August 2018 then newly sworn-in Pearland City Councilman Adrian Hernandez brought up the idea of moving towards no-kill in a city budget meeting he attended.  According to the City of Pearland, public email records within moments of Councilman Hernandez making such a suggestion openly and publicly on the cameras and microphones, Pearland City Manager Clay Pearson sent the following email to Hernandez stating, "Want to pack the chambers? Mention dogs/cats or guns." This email seems to be a warning to Hernandez that the city of Pearland does not want to draw attention to the city's status as a kill shelter city; nor does it seem that the city wants to draw attention to its euthanasia records. Mr. Hernandez responds, "that’s the goal! The trick is to stick it at the very end of the agenda. ;) But, duly noted." The end of the agenda means that the item would be the last thing discussed in a city council meeting late in the night when most audience members have already gone home, and most Cable TV, Youtube, & Facebook Watchers have already gone to bed. Is this evidence of a City of Pearland coverup related to euthanasia?


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In another internal e-mail Councilman, Adrian Hernandez writes to a Pearland resident stating why it is that Pearland cannot be a No-Kill town stating, "Thanks for reaching out regarding how we can go about making Pearland a no-kill community. It's my understanding that our biggest hurdle is simply capacity which is directly tied to funding for expansion [sic] of our current facility. I've already begun working with city staff to find ways to save money in various areas for next year. Hopefully, barring any more natural disasters, our taxable values will increase for next year which will increase the amount available to the city for funding projects like this."  

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