The Documents

Where the Documents Came From

It's a wild story that lead to the creation of Pearland Leaks, and how we learned these documents existed.   A volunteer with Pearland Leaks was having problems with the city and a City of Pearland staffer leaked to the volunteer that inappropriate emails were being sent about them the volunteer by Pearland's city manager.  In response, the volunteer put an information request in with the City Secretary of the City of Pearland. The request was for any E-mail the city manager had sent with the volunteer's name in the E-mail. However, based on another leak from a prominent Pearland person the volunteer asked for  any E-mail with the word "breakfast."

It turns out hotels when communicating with others through E-mail use the word breakfast a lot. Think about your own dealings with hotels. You always want to know about breakfast. Does the hotel serve breakfast? What is breakfast? How much is breakfast?

These hotels related emails showed that city employees were doing A LOT of travel on the City of Pearland taxpayer dime. This lead to a request for all travel-related costs of key city employees. This second information request showed what Pearland Leaks volunteers felt was in their opinion inappropriate spending.  Pearland Leaks noticed that the City of Pearland did their purchasing through a corporate credit card program administered by the Citi Bank company. 

So, Pearland Leaks requested all Citi Bank Statements and a list of All other non-Citi Bank credit card purchases made by the City of Pearland. And Pearland Leaks was born out of that information request.   These are the documents the City of Pearland gave us, and that we published to the world. 

What The Documents Show:

The documents show that the City of Pearland had a credit card system where some persons had cards issued to them. Like most institutions, it appears Pearland also had a universal shared credit card called the P-Card or Purchase Card. Many people reading this probably have a P-Card at their job. the City kept a report of who made purchases on the P-card for the last 10 years and put them into a P-Card report for Pearland Leaks which is shown on this site. The P-Card Report has $43,000,000 worth of spending so it is very important to read the P-Card Report in addition to the individual Statements. 

The Documents:


       2009 to 2019 P-Card Report     


              Jan - Citi Bank
              Feb - Citi Bank

              March - Citi Bank

              April - Citi Bank

              May - Citi Bank

              June - Citi Bank

              July  - Citi Bank

              Aug -  Citi Bank

              Sept - Citi Bank

               Oct - Citi Bank

               Nov - Citi Bank

               Dec - Citi Bank